We prepare creative, delicious and healthy meals and snacks based on your taste and needs and will work with you to create a personalized menu using fresh, seasonal, organic and whole food ingredients. We specialize in therapeutic cooking for pre and post natal women, individuals and families with food sensitivities and allergies, individuals with specific health concerns and anyone interested in exploring the delicious and diverse world of whole foods cooking.

Down to Earth Food enjoys working with local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs that deliver the best quality organic produce right to your door.

COOKING INSTRUCTION (Private and Small Group) 

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a fun and enlightening class that will empower you as you take your good health into your own hands. Our classes are designed to be informational and inspirational—together we will create dishes and menu plans that fit your lifestyle. We will address your specific needs and choose appropriate themes and topics based on what you want to learn. In our classes you will:

~ Create delicious, creative and health-supportive meals that even picky eaters love.

~ Enhance the flavors of whole foods with herbs, spices and sauces.

~ Work with kitchen tools and culinary techniques to save time in the kitchen.

~ Evaluate and understand the nutritional benefits of the food we prepare.

~ Experience greater confidence and joy in the kitchen.


Do you struggle with addictions and eating patterns that hold you back from achieving the healthy life you deserve? Engaging in a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice and success in creating new healthier habits depends on how we relate to ourselves through the process. Down to Earth Food provides you with support, guidance, inspiration and encouragement as you fulfill your commitment to live a healthier life.


Down to Earth Food partners with local gardeners and herbalists to create beautiful edible gardens, from simple window boxes to more elaborate landscapes. Enjoy the benefits and rewards of growing your own good health.

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