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Lemon Balm, commonly known as "Melissa”, is a mint with a distinctly lemony scent. The leaves, stems and flowers of the Lemon Balm plant have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. For thousands of years herbalists used lemon balm to treat any kind of disorder of the central nervous system.

Lemon balm makes both delicious beverage and medicinal teas. Fresh leaves can be chopped and added to green salads, fruits salads, marinated vegetables, poultry stuffing, and fish marinades and sauces. It goes well with broccoli, asparagus, lamb, fish, and shellfish. Combine it with other lemon herbs such as lemon thyme, lemon basil, and lemon verbena and add to vinegar.

Lemon balm can be used to:

  1. Ease insomnia and sleeping difficulties.

  2. Treat nerve pain.

  3. Alleviate disorders of the digestive tract and gas problems.

  4. Help in the treatment of thyroid-related problems.

  5. Help strengthen memory and other brain functions.

  6. Help enhance and improve mood.

  7. Reduce stress and anxiety.

To grow lemon balm in your garden:

Plant in full sun and keep soil consistently moist. This herb self-sows aggressively, so deadhead regularly or contain it in a pot.

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